What’s behind Born-Free?

Mike and i spend countless ours putting together Born-Free every year and promote the show, the spirit, all the builders, the sponsors, etc. We assume everyone knows the Born-Free backstory and what it’s all about,  but after 4 years there are lots of new faces that don’t know. Well, Kristine Louise decided she wanted to do a video with us so we could tell our story. She has also been trying to push her own show called Classic Car Culture where she looks into the back stories of old car owners and she wants to do one about vintage motorcycles too. So here is a brief edit of the more than two hours she spent filming with us one Sunday at the Cycle Lodge. Enjoy

5 thoughts on “What’s behind Born-Free?

  1. Michael says:

    Re-posting to Tumblr. I had no idea you guys were/are in Orange. I'm near the circle. Feel free to follow me on Tumblr (forgivemeasinner.tumblr.com). Can NOT wait for the show! -mike

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