The 69 Shovelheads // The Winners

I still don’t have any photos of anything so if someone has some of the award winners and the bike winner please send them to me. The winner of the 1969 HD Chopper( 1st. pick ) was Joey Kerivan ( son of Dynamite Joe). Big Joe rode the bike out of the site and home! Congrats to Joey… The 2nd winner who was not present has not been able to be reached? His email is invalid and his phone is dis-connected?? So what do we do? We are trying to find him and get the bike to him but we will only do this for a few days after that it’s back up to win. So you still may have a chance. If that is the case we will need to figure out how to pull the ticket?? Maybe live online.

6 thoughts on “The 69 Shovelheads // The Winners

  1. Bryan Sullivan says:

    Feel the same. I keep hearing about names, but I bought mine online. Did Lowbrow keep track of names and numbers of ticket purchasers or what? All I ever got was some tickets with numbers on them….just want to make sure I get my '69 stocker!

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