Read This To Get In Easier- We Need Your Help

This year there are so many new aspects to the show and we want to make sure everyone has the best experience possible so here’s a few tips:
  First off please remember there is no colors, pets or coolers allowed. There is no street parking anywhere day or night and no camping on the street or show site. There will be a private security team & the Orange County Sheriff dept. patrolling the streets and working the show grounds & gates …so please help us help you.

Next there is an admission fee- If  you did not already know it’s 10.00 per day… per person. Kids under 12 are FREE. You can pay at the gates or if you want to park your bike inside the show grounds you need  the fast pass wristband. We have been selling the Fast Pass wristbands for some time and we will sell out. Online cut off to buy is June 16th. The Fast Pass will get you in quicker and earlier than those without it. Please have your Fast Pass wristband on your wrist and ready to show the folks working the gate. If you have a passenger they need on as well. This will help the line move quickly. Look for signs that say Fast Pass entry it will be at Gate 2. The rest of the bikes or cars will be brought through Gate 3 ( main lot) and be separated…cars one direction and bikes another. The unpaid bikes ( if we have room ) will come in Gate 4  & pay and all spectators will come in Gate 5 and pay at there.. These Gates will be clearly marked and attendants ready to assist you.

*This year the Event Site owner and a  third party company will be handling all the admission fees & admission booths, parking and the Fast Pass lanes. We will not be out there to recognize you so..  Please have your Fast Pass wristbands on or ready to pay when you arrive. Having the correct change will help the line move quicker so think about having a 10 or a couple 5’s ready. *Since Born-Free is not manning the gates, doing the parking or handing the admission fee’s your preparation & patience is much appreciated. The company handling all this for us is a professional service and promises to move you all as quick as possible.

Lastly is the route to the show. Coming from the North has always been the way most have traveled and also the biggest traffic issues…huge traffic issues. This year we are doing all we can to help with traffic but we need your help too. *Try coming from the South through the canyon ( from Cooks Corner ) this will be a nice morning ride and much much less traffic. The extra thought about coming this way will be well worth it.  We truly appreciate everyone coming out and supporting the show. See you soon-