Born Free 2020 / 2021

It is with a very heavy heart that we have come to accept the reality of the long-lasting effects of the Covid-19 crisis and this year’s Born-Free event. There is basically no chance at this point that we would be able to get the two huge key things we need: the insurance policy and needed permits from the key local government bodies to be able to even hold our event and do not wish to risk cancellation in the 11th hour. With people, bikes, sponsors, vendors, performers, etc, coming from great distances and the cost on all involved to participate as well as our cost to host, we see no other choice but to call it for 2020. Our plan is to have our normally scheduled event for June 2021, effectively pushing pause on what would have been this year’s show. Everything we have all worked for stays in play.

What does that mean exactly? It means if you are a sponsor, you’re still a sponsor. If you bought Grass Passes to ride into the show, they are still valid, we are not making new ones and are almost sold out of them. If you entered to win one or all of the three motorcycles we planned to giveaway, you are still good. Those are the simple points and we will have more info on the website to explain more, but we feel this is best for the current upside-down world we are all navigating.

What if you want a Grass Pass refund? While we encourage you to hold yours and ride into the 2021 event. We are almost sold out at this point and we will not be making new or additional Grass Passes for 2021. Your place inside the show is still saved! We will sell the remaining / refunded wristbands to eager riders until they are gone. We can offer you a refund for your Grass Passes in person at the events we will be attending, or will be figuring out a way to get a refund when you mail them back to us. Please be patient as we are figuring out the best way to do this.

Over the years since we started giving away motorcycles at Born-Free, we have sent more than 30 to lucky new homes and the three we had slated for 2020 will be no different…just with a slight delay. We were so excited to find our restored 1939 Harley-Davidson 61” EL! A coveted prewar knucklehead could be yours for only $25! Not only is this a rare motorcycle, but it is really valuable and want to give it away on stage along with the full custom FXR build from San Diego Customs AND the modified brand-new 2020 Harley Lowrider S. So that is what are plan still is, give them away at our June 2021 event. If you were one of the few that entered before the world went on lock down, you are still good!

Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you all in 2021.
Mike & Grant