Born-Free 2021 Date

August 28/29 2021

Well folks, this absolutely not what we wanted to have happen… but it’s out of our control. We have no choice but to move BF12 to August 28/29 2021. Yes things are getting better and yes things are opening up… however in Southern California it’s not going to happen as fast as other states. There are no special events permits being issued now and from what we have been told by the agencies we work with it looks like early summer is when they will start back up issuing the necessary permits.That unfortunately is just not enough time for us to produce the show at the level we all want & expect. So the only option is to move later in the summer. Everything stays the same ( giveaways & grass passes) just the dates have changed. We can’t express how bummed we are to move these dates again & we know sucks for everyone involved. We will have this show this year and it will be great. Lastly a huge Thank You to all of our sponsors, vendors, builders & all of you for sticking with us…. we love you all. More info to come.